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How to speak Russian

Russian Swear Words and What They Mean

Learning languages can be a fun and exciting way to understand new cultures and branch out of your safety zone. Of course, 98% of the time your work on improving fluency will revolve around different components of language, vocabulary, and pronunciation… So why not have some fun with the other 2%? We like to study all parts of languages, which includes slang, idioms, and even swear words.

That’s why we’re dedicating an entire article to Russian swear words! Just remember, although it’s fun to learn, it’s usually not too fun to misunderstand a situation and use these Russian cuss words inappropriately. Instead, practice using Russian curse words with friends who are native speakers first, then slowly incorporate them into your Russian fluency.

Russian Swear Words with Universal Translations

Once you’ve mastered the Russian alphabet, you can begin putting together some sentences and building your vocabulary. While it’s important to start understanding nouns, adjectives, verbs, and other essential language components, it’s alright to have a little fun along the way. To help you truly speak and understand Russian like a native, it’s time to learn a few swear words in Russian and how to use them.

Russian Curse Words Translated to English

When learning how to swear in Russian, it’s important to focus on your pronunciation. You can try practicing these Russian curses in a sentence or on their own! Just remember to be careful who you say them around. So, if you’re ready, here are nine common curse words in Russian.

Хуй — “Dick”

This is one of the most commonly used swear words in Russian. It has several different applications and can be used in a variety of different phrases and derivatives. Like other languages, this can be used as a Russian curse, or it can be used as one of the many Russian insults. There’s not much information regarding the origin of this Russian cuss word, but it’s similar across several Slavic languages.

In most instances, using the Russian curse word xуй, in a sentence, has nothing to do with a male’s reproductive organs. Instead, it’s used similarly to the words “shit” or “fuck” when something goes wrong, or you’re frustrated. It’s also one of the cuss words in Russian that’s used to tell someone to get lost. Хуй can also be used in conjunction with other words to create more elongated Russian swears or curses.

Сука — “Bitch”

This Russian swear word is used just like it is in the English language. However, it’s often reserved for women, by women. It’s only applicable to use when talking about a man in certain situations, but this is rare and usually not practiced. Depending on the context, it may also be used in a playful manner.

Сволочь — “Jerk/Scum”

Although much less intense than the previous Russian swear words on this list, jerk/scum is still used as an insult. The word is based on the root, ‘to drag,’ and is often associated with the idiom “dragged in with the garbage,” or “look what the cat dragged in.” It’s actually been around since the 14th century, so it’s one of the older swear words in Russian but is still commonly used today. It’s considered a mild swear, but is taken offensively when used.

Жoпа — “Arse/Brat”

This was originally derived from the swear word for ass (Жóпа), but was slightly adapted (see the change from ó to o) to become one of the more playful Russian slurs. Today, Жoпа is actually used as a term of endearment amongst family members, close friends, and loved ones. It’s used in a joking (albeit loving) manner. However, it can be misinterpreted and considered rude if used with the wrong person, so tread lightly!

Мудак — “Shithead”

When you’re angry with someone, you might call them a shithead. This is the same usage of mудак in Russian except that it is a derogatory term only used when speaking to or of a man. It originates from an ancient Russian word that meant to castrate a pig. It’s often used when a man is behaving rudely, like an idiot, or inconsiderately.

Гавно — “Shit”

This bad word in Russian derives from the literal term for shit, or poop. Its original Slavic word translates directly to “cow excrement.” It can be used in similar ways to its English counterpart, especially when you’re disappointed, something bad happens, or experiencing a small crisis.

Пиздец — “Damn it”

This Russian swear also originates from ancient language. Although the direct translation was thought to be something along the lines of ‘vulva’ or ‘vagina,’ the meaning has been distorted throughout the years. You can use this Russian swear word when you’re trying to describe something that went wrong, especially in regard to a situation or event. It can also be used as a stand-alone swear, similar to how “damn it!” is used in English.

блядь— “Fuck”

Although you may think that this is used in the same way that ‘fuck’ is used in English, the Russian swear word for fuck is actually a verb. Unsurprisingly, it originates from ancient languages and their words used to describe reproduction. When you use блядь in Russian, you’re likely describing someone who is not very fun to be around, annoying, or even immature.

Лох — “Stupid/Sucker”

Contrary to what you’d think, this is actually a very high insult to use in Russian. It’s a type of Russian cuss word that’s intended to hurt or harm the recipient, so be careful if you plan to use it!

Some Unique Russian Swear Words

Many of the bad words in Russian are similar to the insults used in English and other languages, but there are also a few Russian curse phrases that are pretty unique. The following Russian cuss words don’t really have the same meaning in English, but once you see their translation you may start using them amongst friends! To learn more unique pieces of the Russian language, download Tandem and match with a native speaker today. Just be careful that you don’t call them one of these newly learned bad words in Russian!

Гандон — “Condom”

This Russian swear word is a little unique, as ‘condom’ in English refers to the male contraceptive device. However, if you want to describe someone who is vulgar, annoying, or even someone who is deemed “weak,” you’d call them a Гандон. You can also use this bad word in Russian to describe someone who you simply don’t like.

Мочи перхоти — “Pee hold dandruff”

Okay, this swear word in Russian is one of the most unique ones we’ve seen. It’s quite funny for native English speakers to hear, as it sounds a little like something we might have said in grade school. And, as you may have guessed, there’s not even a real meaning behind this… other than the fact that it’s a Russian swear.

Лошадь мочи — “Horse pee hole”

Again, this Russian swear word may seem like a strange one, but they seem to enjoy calling other people “pee holes.”

Развалюха — “Car that’s falling apart as it goes”

Finally, if you want to describe someone as falling apart or someone who doesn’t have all of their ducks in a row (so to speak), you can call them a Развалюха. This is calling someone a “car that’s falling apart as it goes.” Very insulting!

Learning swear words in Russian is a fun way to practice pronunciation, understand contextual content, and build your vocabulary. To help make sure you’re using Russian bad words in the correct context along the way, download Tandem and match with a native speaker today. With millions of members across the world, you’re sure to find someone who can help you gain confidence when speaking Russian. In fact, you may even find a new friend in the process.

Using real-life conversations, genuine communication, and a unique approach, Tandem works to help our members foster a deeper understanding of language while improving fluency and building long-lasting friendships. All you need to do is sign up, match with a native speaker of your target language, and start communicating. To join our community and work on your fluency, sign up for Tandem today.

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