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What is a Tandem Ambassador?

At Tandem, our Ambassador Program is centred around our Language Parties feature. Ambassadors are active community members who support other members with their language learning journey, specifically by hosting Featured Parties. Ever noticed a Party highlighted blue and pinned to the top of the Parties list? That’s a Featured Party - and this is how, alongside our team of Ambassadors, we bring more tailored audio content to the Tandem learning experience.

How to become a Tandem Ambassador:

To become a Tandem Ambassador, it's necessary to have experience either hosting Language Parties on Tandem or similar events somewhere else. If this applies to you, please follow the steps below:


Email Us

Write a message to ambassadors@tandem.net, describing your experience and motivation, and include your Tandem ID (listed on your Tandem profile).


Introduction Call

We'll then have an introduction call in which we’ll discuss the details of the process and talk through your Featured Party topic ideas.


Trial Featured Party

After that, we’ll ask you to host a trial Featured Party and we’ll follow up with a feedback session to decide if we can give you a regular hosting slot.


Regular Featured Party

You're a regular Featured Parties host - whether that be once or twice a week, bi-weekly or monthly.


Official Ambassador Invitation

Once you’ve hosted Featured Parties regularly for 2-3 months, we’ll invite you to become an official Tandem Ambassador. You’ll remain an Ambassador as long as you continue to host Featured Parties.

Please note that Tandem’s Ambassador community is a voluntary community - and we are so grateful for their continued dedication and incredible enthusiasm. Once you become an Ambassador, you’ll be invited to our Ambassador online get-togethers, so you can easily connect with your fellow community members. We’ll also provide you with a free Tandem Pro subscription!

Our Ambassador community is spread across the world…

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