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12 Amazing Female Language Bloggers You Should Follow

When it comes to learning languages, we all need a little inspiration from time to time. Who better to inspire us than someone who is sharing their own language learning journey? Language bloggers and vloggers do an incredible job of helping people engage with languages in a friendly, fun and informative way. Through their stories, they tackle the everyday highs and lows of language learning and motivate us to keep going! While there are plenty of amazing bloggers of all genders in the language learning sphere, we have chosen International Women’s Day as the perfect opportunity to celebrate female bloggers in particular. That’s why we have put together a list of some of our favorite female bloggers and vloggers from all around the world who offer us language inspiration every day.

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What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day always takes place on March 8th and is a global day celebrating the achievements of women in society, politics and culture. The day was first created as a rallying point for women and men alike to campaign for women’s rights - more than one million women and men attended the first International Women’s Day rallies in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland in 1911. The Suffragettes led the International Women’s Day celebrations in the UK in the same year. Today, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to come together and promote gender parity, while taking the time to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here.

1. Katie Harris

Harris is a native English speaking polyglot currently based in Milan, who runs the exciting online community Joy Of Languages. The site gives hints and tips on language learning motivation and Katie blogs regularly about her experiences to spur her readers on to achieve their language goals too. What is most amazing about Katie’s story, though, is that she could not speak any foreign languages until the age of 22! Which makes us think that there’s hope yet for us all.

2. Shahidah Foster

Born in New York City, Shahidah moved to Germany as a teenager and as a result speaks German and English fluently, as well as French and Spanish. She created the website Black Girls Learn Languages to be an online resource for female language learners from the African diaspora. Check it out for informative blog entries on language, travel and other issues as well as interesting pages on notable polyglots throughout history and today. Oh, and she’s also known as the “Language Bae”, which is pretty cool.

It’s the last day in February! Can you believe it?! It’s not too late to go hard on a language and be conversationally fluent by August! • Tell me, how did your February go? Any language learning milestones or successes? • My February has been awesome! My Spanish listening comprehension has improved and I’m becoming more comfortable with speaking and listening. #blacklinguists #blackgirlslearnlanguages

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3. Bridget Barbara

Another native of New York City, Bridget posts short fun videos about her experiences learning Russian and her quest to become fluent in the language. Her enthusiasm and passion for the language is clear in all her videos, some of which are filmed on her visits to Russia, and others on life in New York and the USA in the Russian language. A must watch for anyone intrigued by the incredible Russian language (or if you’re keen on finding out more about NYC)!

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4. Lina Vasquez

Lina was brought up multilingual, globetrotting between Latvia and Australia as a child, so it’s no surprise that she had a strong interest in language learning from a very early age. This is reflected in her blog and vlog, the Busy Linguist, where she gives language lessons and posts motivational videos and articles to get everyone motivated. And she speaks 8 languages - which is badass.

5. Angel Huang

Hailing originally from China, Angel is now based in Sweden and runs the fabulous free blog Mandarin HQ. The site, which aims to make it easier for everyone to learn and speak Mandarin, contains entertaining videos to accompany the blog text, so that users can also listen to and practice their Mandarin pronunciation. It’s the perfect resource for Mandarin beginners and more advanced learners alike.  

6. Kerstin Cable

Kerstin’s blog, Fluent Language, provides perhaps the most comprehensive advice on all things language learning. As a native German speaker and teacher with excellent English skills and a further six languages under her belt, she is the perfect expert to help and inspire fellow language enthusiasts try out something new once in a while! She also has a podcast which is well worth checking out. Kerstin, along with her fellow bloggers Shannon and Lindsay (see below), has organized the Women in Language e-conference, happening between 7th and 10th March 2019. If you’d like to hear more from amazing women in languages and participate in the discussions, click here to sign up!


7. Lucrezia Oddone

Warning: a beautiful site and Youtube channel filled with food to make you fall in love with Italian and Italy! Lucrezia is a Roman born and bred, and wants to share her passion for her home nation with everyone, through her blog and vlog channel on Youtube. Her posts have us saying “alora!” like a native in no time!

8. The Urban Eve

Eve grew up in Germany with three languages at home: German, English and the local Ghanaian language of her parents. Now based in Paris, she posts awesome videos on everything from travel and fashion to language learning tips (she speaks 7!!) and videos of her multilingual conversations with her equally talented friends. It’s great inspiration if you’re learning a language for the first time!

9. Shannon Kennedy

Shannon’s beautiful blog site, Eurolinguiste, reflects Shannon’s passion for all things languages, travel, food, music and much more. She speaks French, English and Mandarin Chinese fluently, and a bunch more to various levels of proficiency. What makes her even more impressive is that she’s also an accomplished saxophonist and composer!

How I make time for my language studies with a full time job

— [@eurolinguistesk] ( February 16, 2018

10. Lindsay Dow

Lindsay’s blog is a language powerhouse. Lindsay Does Languages grew from a small language school in 2012 to a comprehensive online resource for all things language. Don’t miss her epic podcast Language Stories, which follows her travels around the world in the search of languages and meeting people who speak them. It is well worth a listen!

11. Shanna - Hangukdrama

This blog is an essential read for anyone interested in learning Asian languages. Shanna is a native speaker of English and Mandarin, and has documented her self-taught journey to fluency in Korean and Japanese through her lively and entertaining blog. Her website is full of useful resources and tips to help learners with their language journey, highlighting her own personal experiences along the way. 

12. Agnieszka Murdoch

Agnieszka’s blog and videos are all about showing you how you can fit in learning languages, no matter how busy a life you lead. Her content is informative and offers practical tips on how, actually, you really only need to spare 5 minutes of your time a day for language learning for it to make a difference. No more excuses!

Hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as we did! How about discussing the new things you've learned on Tandem? Download the app today.

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