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Tandem Tales: One Challenge, One Video, One Winner

One thing that’s caught our attention recently is how many of our members share their Tandem stories on TikTok. And we love to see it!

With that in mind, we decided to run a special Tandem Challenge on TikTok earlier this year. It was simple; all you needed to do to enter was to upload a video of your most exciting Tandem story! From then, our community voted on their favorite video from a shortlist of 10 videos, with the winner receiving a flight to visit their Tandem partner. Pretty cool prize, right?

Within a few days of launching the Challenge, the videos started coming in, and here we are, a little while down the line, sharing the story of our winner, Caio, who stole the hearts of the community with his video of meeting his Tandem partner.


Caio is based in Brazil and is a long-term Tandem member. And when we say long-term, we mean it, he’s been on the app for around 4 years! He originally started using Tandem to learn Spanish and English, “Tandem helped me a lot with my Spanish. I have language exchange partners here in Brazil, but most of the people don’t speak English or Spanish or any other language.”

Somewhere along his Tandem journey, he met Léo, who was learning Portuguese after moving from Canada to Portugal. They got talking, with Caio helping Léo improve his Portuguese skills. After some time, Caio went to visit Léo in Portugal and their Tandem journey flourished. It’s this very trip to Portugal that Caio shared clips of in his winning video!

It comes as no surprise that Caio decided to use his flight voucher from Tandem to visit Léo in Portugal this September. When we chatted with Caio about winning the challenge, he was beaming with happiness, “It was the most voted video from Tandem and now I have the chance to meet him because I got the ticket. I wanted to thank the community and I’m so happy about that. I’m looking forward to sharing all the moments I have with him.” We can’t wait to hear about the trip!

Following the success of this Tandem Challenge, we’ll continue to run competitions in all different countries, with awesome prizes, including flight vouchers, Airbnb experiences, audible subscriptions, and free Tandem Pro! Why not share your favorite Tandem story on TikTok with the hashtag #TandemMoments, and you could be in with a chance of winning!

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