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Using Language Levels on Tandem

Language Levels on Tandem are there to help you find a partner that matches your skills. That way, you will be able to have an equal language exchange without one language dominating! Here, we walk you through how to choose levels on the Tandem app.


First, a bit of information about Tandem Language Levels. We have three levels:


This is for members who are making their first steps in learning a language. You might not know any words at all; or perhaps you just know some basics, such as how to introduce yourself or ask for directions.


This is for members who already have some basic language skills and can speak with some confidence on easier topics. You can talk about shopping, make plans with others, discuss your travels and describe the plot of your favorite movie, for example.


This is for members who are very confident in their speaking skills. You can have spontaneous and fluent conversation, understand the news and use the language effectively for work and studies. For more information on what these language levels mean, check out our guide to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

So, how do you add language levels to your profile? Start off by selecting your languages. You need to choose native languages and/or spoken languages. Tap the pencil to choose your languages from the drop down menu.


Once you’ve chosen your native and spoken languages, you need to choose some languages to learn on Tandem. Again, you can choose this by tapping the pencil next to “I am learning”.


All the languages that you choose for the "I am learning" section have a level indicator next them. Tap this to choose or change your language level.


Here, you will see a description of our three different levels - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Make sure you read these carefully before you choose your level for each language.


Now your levels should be added to your profile - and you will be able to see language levels on other people’s profiles too!


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