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Creating the Perfect Profile on Tandem

You might have noticed that we’ve recently revamped how your profile looks on Tandem, making it even easier for you to find a great language exchange partner! We want all our members to have the best experience and language learning success on Tandem, so here are a few tips on how to create the perfect profile.

Looking for a way to boost your language skills quickly and effectively? Our Tandem app helps you find a conversation exchange partner to chat with! Whether you want to learn the latest slang phrases, need clarification for a tricky grammar rule or just want to talk to a like-minded language learner, Tandem is the app for you!


Choosing your languages

Your language combination is one of the first things members see when they click on your profile, so make sure it’s accurate from day one. Firstly, select your native language, followed by any other languages you can speak fluently. Then add any languages you’re currently learning. Whilst learning lots of languages is great, we’d recommend selecting the ones you’re focusing on the most. That way, other members know you’re really serious and enthusiastic about learning their native language.

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The more detailed, the better

One of the most important factors in having a successful language exchange is finding a partner who shares your interests. When you sign up for Tandem, we’ll ask you to answer questions about your interests, hobbies, goals and ideal language learning partners. You have the option to show these answers on your profile. Be sure to answer the questions honestly as this is a really great opportunity to showcase the types of things you would like to talk about. Similarly, if you want to chat to about something topical, like Game of Thrones, for example, you can create a new topic. The topic will show at the top of your profile and next to your picture on the community feed.

Don't forget about references

Ok, so this one is a little more about give-and-take. Leaving a nice reference on your Tandem partner’s profile is an incentive for them to write one for you too. Try to make references meaningful by outlining how your Tandem partner helped you and why it was a successful language exchange. Members are more likely to reach out if you have recommendations from other language learners. Remember your Tandem partner can only leave you one reference, so if they have even more nice things to say, they’ll just have to update their original reference. In our opinion, having 10 or more meaningful references makes a great profile. In fact, one of our Tandem superstars, Jefferson, has over 300 references!

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Add more photos

It’s important that your profile picture is a clear photo of yourself, but beyond that, it’s great to add more photos that further demonstrate your interests. Maybe you visited the Great Wall of China last year, or you want to show members you like cooking Italian food or playing basketball in your free time. These photos will be shown at the bottom of your profile.

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