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New for 2021: Tandem Group Chats

We launched Tandem in 2015 to help people find native speakers in their target language for a one-on-one language exchange. Recently, our Tandem members started to look for a way to connect their existing language partners with each other and explore ways of learning languages that go beyond the traditional Tandem “one-on-one” method.

Which got us thinking… how can we bring a more collaborative way of learning languages to the Tandem app?

Say hello to Tandem Group Chats!

Tandem Group Chats is the newest feature to grace the Tandem iOS and Android apps and has been built with collective language learning in mind. Group chats still give our members all the benefits of a normal language exchange, yet moves them away from practicing languages in pairs. Adding more Tandem members to the mix means more opportunity for feedback and a richer shared experience.

How do Tandem Group Chats work?

It’s pretty easy to start your first group conversation on Tandem. When you open the “Chats” window in the mobile app, you’ll see all the members you’ve already connected with on the “Partners” tab. Simply tap on the “Groups” tab for an overview of your group chats.

Groups tab on Tandem app

Tap on “New group,” add between 2 and 19 of your Tandem partners, and then enter a group name. Something like “German TV & Film Club” or “Beginner’s French Grammar” works well so that it’s clear what the topic of conversation is about.

Create Tandem Group Chat

Once you’ve created a group, you can start sending messages, share recommendations, and help your fellow group members improve their language skills. We’ve also added our favorite correction feature to group chats so you can correct each other’s mistakes, too!

Tandem message correction groups

You might, of course, also be added to another member’s group chat. In this case, you’ll receive a notification to let you know that your Tandem partner has added you to a new group. This enables you to interact with even more new people on the Tandem app!

But why Tandem Group Chats?

Many language learners opt for group language experiences, such as classes at their university or lessons at their local language school. But, as we all know, the last few months have made it difficult for these courses to continue. During a time of limited face-to-face group interactions, Tandem is excited to bring this shared group learning experience into the online world.

The Tandem community is also a big place. With more than 10 million members, there are tonnes of other budding language learners you haven’t had the chance to connect with yet. With our group chats, you can also introduce your Tandem partners to each other, making it even easier to meet multiple language learners at once.

Nothing brings us more joy than introducing new features to our Tandem community. We hope you’re as delighted as we are and are able to use Tandem Group Chats to stay motivated and keep pushing towards your language learning goals.

We’d love to hear what you think about our Tandem Group Chats feature, so if you fancy sharing your feedback, we’d really appreciate you filling out our short survey here.

Wishing you all the best on your language learning journey!

Team Tandem

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